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Butterfly valves

Chemicals KK, Safeflex KX
Desulphurization of refinery gas Safeflex KX
Environmental technology (for instance solvent recovery) KK
Flue-gas purification systems Triplex KTL
Incineration plants Triplex KTL, Safeflex KX
Petrochemicals KK, Safeflex KX
Plant construction KK, Safeflex KX, Triplex KTL
Power stations KK, Safeflex KX
Pulp of paper mills KK, Safeflex KX
Refrigeration technolgogy Safeflex KX
Ship building Safeflex KX
Sugar plants Safeflex KX


Butterfly control valves

Air and air-conditionong systems DGD, DLK, DCN, DLN
Building materials industry GG,DCN
Brickworks GG,DCN
Chemicals GG, EE
Coking plants DKK, EE, GG
Desulphurization of refinery gas GG, EE
Environmental technology GG,DGD, DLK, DCN, DLN
Flue-gas purification systems GG, GLL, ELL
Furnace construction DKK, EE, GG
Metallurgy DKK, EE, GG
Plant construction GG, EE, DGD, DLK, DCN, DLN, ELL, GLL
Petrochemicals GG, EE
Post combustion plants ELL, GLL
Refrigeration technolgogy GG, EE
Ship building GG, EE
Smoke gas ELL, GLL
Sugar plants GG, EE
Waste air technology DKK, DLK, DCN, DLN


Shut-off valves, globe valves

Chemicals LAM, AA
Desulphurization of natural gas CAM, CBM, CCM, CDM
Environmental technology AA
Plant construction AA, CAM, CBM, CCM, CDM
Refinery gas CAM, CBM, CCM, CDM
Sulphur plants CAM, CBM, CCM, CDM

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