triple eccentric Butterfly Valve

Product description

OG is a series of the latest generation from OHL Gutermuth. It combines properties, functions and versatile applications which are new in this combination and are particularly economical.
For instance, OG Valves provide the highest standards in operating reliability and a long service life at high pressures or under dynamic load as well as an excellent tight seal from „very hot“ to „very cold“.

OG High Performance Triple Offset Valves provide a valve which is reliable, cost-effective and due to specification for critical applications and in various aspects is far superior to conventional solutions. OHL Gutermuth supplies this serie of butterfly valves in many variations in terms of function, construction and material, fully adapted to the individual operational requirements. Throughout the sectors of power stations, paper and chemical industry, petrochemicals, gas industry, water and wastewater, oil supply, refineries, iron and steel industry, sugar industry, shipbuilding, plant construction and district heating supply, OG Butterfly Valves provide superior engineering for shutoff and control – reliably and economically.



Sizes: DN 80 - 600 / 3“ - 24“
Pressure Range: PN 10-PN 50 / Class 150 - 300
Temperature Range: -10°C - 450°C
Leakage Rate: EN 12266 Rate A / FCI 70.2 Class VI
Optional:  Carbon Steel or Stainless Steel
Certificates: Fire Safe acc. to API607, BS6755






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