Wherever particularly high safety
standards are required, perfect solutions
are needed for shut-off and control.

OHL Gutermuth has gained an excellent reputation worldwide with customised valves for specific industrial applications. Consolidated expertise and decades of experience from two well-established specialist companies, combined with a strong commitment to quality and a high level of personal commitment, are the best prerequisites for mastering future tasks.


Butterfly valves and control dampers for low temperatures down to -196°.

Within the wide range of applications, e.g. in the field of natural gas and liquid gas tankers, the company uses its know-how in construction and design. Many years of experience in the application and use of materials with high toughness at very low temperatures guarantee the operational reliability of all components at low temperatures. The strictest requirements for tightness are reliably met. All components are ice-proof.


Butterfly valves and control dampers for high temperatures up to +1300°.

Primarily for use in metallurgical plants, incineration plants and in the construction of industrial furnaces, OHL Gutermuth designs special valves which, through the use of heat- resistant and scale-resistant materials and the use of components with low corrugation and rotationally symmetrical components, are load and form stable in the high temperature range and only transfer heat from the medium to the environment to the smallest possible extent. If required, they can also be provided with a brick lining and extended outer support bearings.


Butterfly valves and control valves for large and small nominal sizes

  • Shut-off and control dampers up to nominal size DN 3500 / 140″.

  • Tight shut-off valves up to DN 3200 / 128″

  • Hot gas mixing valves up to DN 3500 / 140″

  • Reactor switching valves up to DN 1600 / 64″.

* Larger nominal sizes on request


Butterfly valves and control valves for vacuum and low pressure

In addition to the general technical requirements typical for use in vacuum systems, there may be special requirements for shut-off elements (valves) in vacuum systems depending on the particular application, which must be taken into account when designing the products. The lowest possible ultimate pressure and the high flow resistance of the components in the molecular range must be taken into account when designing and selecting valves for the vacuum range. In addition, the highest demands are placed on the housing and valve seat with regard to tightness.


Butterfly valves and control dampers for high-pressure applications

High-pressure shut-off and control dampers from OHL Gutermuth are absolutely leak- proof, enable precise control of the media flow and are available with metal or elastic valve seat. Fireproof shut-off and control dampers are available for nominal pressures up to ANSI CL 2500 and up to the nominal width of 2800 mm. Our absolutely leak-proof quarter- turn butterfly and control valve is designed for use with abrasive media and at extreme temperatures.


Minimum or maximum flow regulation

The tight-closing butterfly valves type KX are used for flow regulation in automatic and remote-controlled systems for regulating the flow of liquids and gases. OHL Gutermuth butterfly valves have been solving fluid flow control problems in oil production and industry in general for over fifty years. More than ever before, this accumulated experience is being used in today’s control valves to meet your growing requirements with reliable OHL butterfly valves, control elements and actuators.


Wherever high flow velocities with solids in the medium, cavitation and bulk solids or other abrasive media have to be controlled, OHL Gutermuth offers industrial valves in a wide variety of models.

The solution to a problem lies primarily in the flow geometry of the valves’ wearing parts, material selection and coating. Housing, flap and shaft are made of abrasion-resistant, robust materials. A special housing protection with a solid insert made of hard metal or ceramic, a flap made of solid hard metal or ceramic as well as protective sleeves at the particularly critical transition between the shaft and housing are optimally suited to the conditions of abrasive operation. The chemical industry in particular needs components with special corrosion resistance, reliability and long service life for everything that comes into contact with media. For decades, OHL Gutermuth has been one of the preferred suppliers of special valves for the chemical industry; our special experience comes into play in the selection of corrosion-resistant materials and suitable coatings, taking into account the economic considerations and technical requirements of the customer.