Aggressive Media

Wherever there are high flow velocities in conjunction with solid contents in the medium, cavitation, bulk materials or other abrasive media, OHL Gutermuth offers industrial valves in a wide variety of designs. The solution to the problem lies in particular in the flow geometry of the wearing parts of these valves and in the material selection and coating. The body, disc and shaft are made abrasion-resistant and robust to wear. Special body protection with a solid hardmetal or ceramic insert, solid disc of hard metal or ceramic as welI as protective sleeves of the shafts in the critical transition region between body and shaft ideally satisfy the abrasive operating conditions. 

The chemical industry above all requires special corrosion resistance for all media-affected parts and their high operating reliability and long service lives against corrosive attack. OHL Gutermuth has for decades been one of the leading tenderer for special valves for the chemical industry and uses its particular experience when selecting suitable corrosion-resistant materials for media-affected parts and corrosion-resistant coatings, depending on economical considerations and technical requirements of the customers.



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